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Long Papers

Variable Annealing Length and Parallelism in Simulated Annealing PDF
Vincent A. Cicirello
Cost-Based Heuristics and Node Re-Expansions across the Phase Transition PDF
Eldan Cohen, J. Christopher Beck
On Realizing Planning Programs in Domains with Dead-End States PDF
Federico Falcone, Alfonso E. Gerevini, Alessandro Saetti
Search-Based Optimal Solvers for the Multi-Agent Pathfinding Problem: Summary and Challenges PDF
Ariel Felner, Roni Stern, Solomon Eyal Shimony, Eli Boyarski, Meir Goldenberg, Guni Sharon, Nathan Sturtevant, Glenn Wagner, Pavel Surynek
Ranking Conjunctions for Partial Delete Relaxation Heuristics in Planning PDF
Maximilian Fickert, Jörg Hoffmann
Understanding the Search Behaviour of Greedy Best-First Search PDF
Manuel Heusner, Thomas Keller, Malte Helmert
Boost SAT Solver with Hybrid Branching Heuristic PDF
Seongsoo Moon, Mary Inaba
Edge N-Level Sparse Visibility Graphs: Fast Optimal Any-Angle Pathfinding Using Hierarchical Taut Paths PDF
Shunhao Oh, Hon Wai Leong
Optimal Solutions to Large Logistics Planning Domain Problems PDF
Gerald Paul, Gabriele Röger, Thomas Keller, Malte Helmert
The Minimal Set of States that Must Be Expanded in a Front-to-End Bidirectional Search PDF
Eshed Shaham, Ariel Felner, Jingwei Chen, Nathan R. Sturtevant
Strengthening Canonical Pattern Databases with Structural Symmetries PDF
Silvan Sievers, Martin Wehrle, Malte Helmert, Michael Katz
Feasibility Study: Subgoal Graphs on State Lattices PDF
Tansel Uras, Sven Koenig
An Analysis and Enhancement of the Gap Heuristic for the Pancake Puzzle PDF
Richard Anthony Valenzano, Danniel Sihui Yang

Short Papers

Dynamic Potential Search on Weighted Graphs PDF
Daniel Gilon, Ariel Felner, Roni Stern
Symbolic Leaf Representation in Decoupled Search PDF
Daniel Gnad, Álvaro Torralba, Jörg Hoffmann
On Variable Dependencies and Compressed Pattern Databases PDF
Malte Helmert, Nathan R. Sturtevant, Ariel Felner
Block-Parallel IDA* for GPUs PDF
Satoru Horie, Alex Fukunaga
Fast and Almost Optimal Any-Angle Pathfinding Using the 2k Neighborhoods PDF
Nicolás Hormazábal, Antonio Díaz, Carlos Hernández, Jorge A. Baier
Improving Plan Quality through Heuristics for Guiding and Pruning the Search: A Study Using LAMA PDF
Francesco Percassi, Alfonso Emilio Gerevini, Hector Geffner
Better Orders for Saturated Cost Partitioning in Optimal Classical Planning PDF
Jendrik Seipp

Extended Abstracts

Interval Based Relaxation Heuristics for Numeric Planning with Action Costs PDF
Johannes Aldinger, Bernhard Nebel
k-Robust Multi-Agent Path Finding PDF
Dor Atzmon, Ariel Felner, Roni Stern, Glenn Wagner, Roman Barták, Neng-Fa Zhou
Non-Markovian Rewards Expressed in LTL: Guiding Search Via Reward Shaping PDF
Alberto Camacho, Oscar Chen, Scott Sanner, Sheila A. McIlraith
Search Reduction through Conservative Abstract-Space Based Heuristic PDF
Ishani Chatterjee, Maxim Likhachev, Manuela Veloso
Solving Graph Optimization Problems in a Framework for Monte-Carlo Search PDF
Stefan Edelkamp, Eike Externest, Sebastian Kühl, Sabine Kuske
Using an Algorithm Portfolio to Solve Sokoban PDF
Nils Christian Froleyks, Tomas Balyo
Shortest Path for K Goals PDF
Roni Tzvi Stern, Meir Goldenberg, Ariel Felner
Modifying Optimal SAT-Based Approach to Multi-Agent Path-Finding Problem to Suboptimal Variants PDF
Pavel Surynek, Ariel Felner, Roni Stern, Eli Boyarski
Improving a Planner’s Performance through Online Heuristic Configuration of Domain Models PDF
Mauro Vallati, Lukás Chrpa, Thomas Leo McCluskey
A Linear-Time and Linear-Space Algorithm for the Minimum Vertex Cover Problem on Giant Graphs PDF
Hong Xu, T. K. Satish Kumar, Sven Koenig

Previously Published Paper Summaries

Abstracts of Papers Presented at SoCS 2017 in the Previously Published Paper Track PDF
Alex Fukunaga, Akihiro Kishimoto