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Full Papers

Automatic Move Pruning in General Single-Player Games PDF
Neil Burch, Robert C. Holte
A Polynomial-Time Algorithm for Non-Optimal Multi-Agent Pathfinding PDF
Mokhtar M. Khorshid, Robert C. Holte, Nathan R. Sturtevant
Faster Optimal and Suboptimal Hierarchical Search PDF
Michael J. Leighton, Wheeler Ruml, Robert C. Holte
Improved Prediction of IDA*'s Performance via Epsilon-Truncation PDF
Levi Lelis, Sandra Zilles, Robert Craig Holte
State-Set Search PDF
Bo Pang, Robert C. Holte
Probably Approximately Correct Heuristic Search PDF
Roni Stern, Ariel Felner, Robert Holte


Evolving Solvers for FreeCell and the Sliding-Tile Puzzle PDF
Achiya Elyasaf, Yael Zaritsky, Ami Hauptman, Moshe Sipper
Real-Time Adaptive A* with Depression Avoidance PDF
Carlos Hernandez, Jorge A Baier
Optimal Packing of High-Precision Rectangles PDF
Eric Huang, Richard E. Korf
Abstract: Block A* and Any-Angle Path-Planning PDF
Peter Kai Yue Yap, Neil Burch, Robert C. Holte, Jonathan Schaeffer